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Best Mehndi Design For janmashtami

August 31, 2023 | by Sahil Dhillon


Janmashtami is a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. On this day devotees come together to celebrate the birth of the divine child. Firstly It is a festival which is full of love, devotion and joy. There are many ways to make get ready for this day. One of the ways to adorn oneself during this auspicious occasion is by getting beautiful Mehndi design on your hands.

Traditional Janmashtami Mehndi Design

These traditional Mehndi designs are inspired by the divine aura of Lord Krishna

1. Krishna front mehndi design

To begin with this design i must say that this design is very simple but beautiful. Our Krishna ji is surronded by so much of flowers. The fluet in the hand of krishna in this mehndi design makes him look real , like he will start playing it now. You will have to active crafting this.

Shree Krishna mehndi design

In fact all of this designs will make you fall in love with them.

2. Radha krishna Front mehndi pattern

In any case we have seen a peacock feather on Shree krishna’s Head and Devi Radha with them. So how can make only one in design. This thought helped us crafting both of them in mehndi design.

shree radha krishna mehndi pattern

Lastly on fingers we designed flowers how can they walk nature itself puts flowers in their way , so why don’t we.

3. Lovely Krishna Mehndi design

As all we know krishna ji has many name , one of them is “Mohan”. Mohan means attractive and lovely, from which no one can take their eyes off. Undoubtedly The flute in the hand represents their divine music.

The Tilak on the forehead, no one can ignore his smile too.

Lovely Krishna mehndi design

4. Radha Krishna Back Mehndi design

Especially The Avatar of Krishna is known as “Puranavatar” But they are incomplete without Radha , Infact both are one having same soul in different bodies. This time Devi radha is holding shree krishna’s flute in this mehndi design , at the same time is looking at devi radha.

radha krishna back mehndi design

5. Krishna ji Complete Image mehndi design

Moreover In this design we tried to make photo of complete Krishna ji. They are the most beautiful personality in the world we even can’t image how they look in real , but we tried to make a mehndi design of them.

complete image krishna pattern

6. Krishna Face Mehndi Design

This henna pattern includes only Krishna face and some flowers. We tried to make a simple design so you can easily carve them on your hands.

krishna face mehndi design

7. Kanha And Gau (Cow) Mehndi Design

Firstly i will like to tell you that Shree Krishna used to play with the cows in their childhood. They used to take them for a walk. Not only we humans loved the music of the flute of Krishna ji but every living being in the world used to love it. So In this mehndi design we have used the elements like cow and his small calf trying to get his milk from his mother. Small elephant toys can be seen with them too.

Bal Krishna mehndi design

8. Peacock Feather Mehni Pattern

This design don’t contains the lord in this , but it contains the feather of peacock they used to carry on their forehead. This design is for beginners who want to learn new mehndi patterns and use them on their hands.

Surely you can go with this one if you finds other patterns difficult

Peacock Feather Mehndi design

9. Little Krishna with Radha and Butter

In childhood we all had watched little krishna and we used to love this. The Vibes , the learning, the fun while watching that are unexplainable. Shree krishna used to tease devi radha by breaking their butter pot.

So this design is dedicated to them.

Bal Krishna with radha mehndi design

10. Shree Krishna Entering Varindavan

To begin with this design we can clearly see that shree krishna in entering in the gate. Their are small footprints on the hand lower side of palm.

Krishna Entering Vrindavan

11. Shree krishna full hand mehndi design

This mehndi pattern covers all your hand and you will love it if you are a krishna lover. Moreover You can use your name in the henna pattern. This design is too much detailed and i can say that you will need an expert for this design.

Complete Hand Mehndi Design

These are all the mehndi designs for the Janmashtami. Lastly i just want to say that if you liked our mehndi designs you can share it with your friends and relatives. Similarly For More Mehndi designs visit our Website By Clicking Here


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