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Best Mehndi Design For Raksha Bandhan

August 30, 2023 | by Sahil Dhillon


Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters, is around the corner .This special occasion demands a special look by styling your hands than with great Mehndi design. It’s that time of the year when sisters tie the sacred thread of protection, Rakhi, on their brothers’ wrists. Brothers, in return, promise to safeguard their sisters. We are making these

Designs offline from a long period of time. We thought so share that with you all.

We Usually call The mehndi as “Henna”. Henna Plays a significance role in every culture. The darker it gets , the good it is. There are many type of Henna designs like flower mehndi designs , designs for fingers , full hand.

Guidelines for the Application of Mehndi Prerequisite :-

  • Commence with clean and well-hydrated hands before embarking on the Mehndi application.
  • Patience Pays: Allow the Mehndi paste to naturally desiccate for a vivid and enduring pigment.
  • Delicate Removal: Gently remove the dried paste, abstaining from contact with water for the subsequent 24 hours.
  • Nourishing Touch: Use a natural emollient, such as coconut or olive oil, to intensify the color vibrancy and longevity of your Mehndi.

Top 10 Mehndi Design For Raksha Bandhan

1. Back Hand Flower Design :-

Back Hand Mehndi Design

Introducing Our Back-of-Hand Mehndi Design

Revealing the Floral Symphony: A Back-of-Hand Mehndi Marvel

Prepare to be entranced by the mesmerizing world of floral craftsmanship as we embark on a journey to create an opulent Mehndi design destined for the expanse of your hand’s canvas.

The Path Less Traveled: Unlike traditional Mehndi designs, this creation takes the less-traveled path. Instead of the predictable symmetrical patterns, we embrace the unpredictability of nature. The flowers appear as if they have sprung to life; their placement seems random yet perfectly balanced, just like the beauty of a wild garden.

This Mehndi design is more than a mere adornment. it’s a masterpiece that narrates a tale.

2. Full Hand Mehndi Design

Crafting Personal Narratives through Name Integration. Elevating Mehndi with the Geometric Allure of Squares.

The Arsenal You’ll Require

Full Hand Mehndi Design

Let’s Move Further and check other designs that are equally important too, these are uniquely created with love.

3. Front Hand Mehndi Design

First This Design contains Flowers that are coupled with beautiful slim lines . moreover a dark line in middle makes it look superb.

Lets take a look.

Front Hand Mehndi Design

Meanwhile it will suit on you. Similarly there are more mehndi designs.

4. Big Flower Mehndi Design

In reality I personally like this one. As a matter of fact this Looks Fabulous.

Flower Mehndi Design

In the Long run this might be the one you will save in your gallery.

5. Rose Flower Design

To begin with this design you must be happy , so that it will add stars in your personality.

front mehndi design

Aren’t you happy after seeing this beauty. your brother will be happy to see this design on your hand on occassion or raksha bandhan.

6. Front Hand half mehndi design

Overall This design only includes the lower part of the front hand. Subsequently Having some flowers , leaves and squares. This is a very simple mehndi design

7. Lotus Flower Design

Then this design comes and makes it some different. Different types of flowers and designs. It is a combination of all.

8. Back Hand Design

To clarify that this is pattern requires a professional. Sooner or later you will realise that a beginner can’t make it easily.

Back mehndi design

9. Finger Mehndi Design

Similarly like previous design pattern , there is an another for fingers. However while you will tie the rakhi and getting this design on snapchat , you will grab a lot of attention.

Finger mehndi Design

10. Front and back design

Lastly this is a combination of both front mehndi design and back mehndi design , which is Simple too.

Bonus Design

However we are providing a bonus design to you.

Lastly We wish Happy Raksha Bandhan to all. Have a good Day.


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